Keyword Builder

Copy Keywords

Instructions Enter your topic to build 10 keywords and phrases for each build. The keyword builder will collect your builds to be copied to your clip board.

About this Keyword Builder

This keyword builder will give you the most current keywords and phrases results based on your topic. It will compile multiple builds to quickly create a keywords and phrases list.

What Does a Keyword List Do

Keyword and phrases are one of the main elements to SEO. A keyword list gives you the direction you want your site to go. Keywords are like road signs for SEO. The tell search engines about your site and its content so they can index them properly. They also help you as a creator make meaningful content.

Use the keyword builder list to create content that people are looking for. So for example if your topic is about "Mood Boarding" type mood boarding into the builder and see what current keywords are being search for on this topic. Now you can use these keywords and phrases to write more current and use full content.

Site and Content Optimization

Keywords help optimize your URL's, titles, descriptions and content for search engine results. You are optimizing your site to create focused result for search engines and users. By optimizing your sites keyword you will also be building keyword authority, which is the best measure of SEO authority.