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This is the place where I encompass everything from design to SEO while following industry standards like:

  • User Experience
  • Best Practices
  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • SEO

My Story

Hi I’m Jeremy, with 8 years of design and development experience working with many great clients and their website projects.

During my years of experience as a web developer, I was part of building a WordPress department for a white label web design company. The department was a huge success. After only one year of team lead we were able to grow the WordPress department to over 8 developers. I created and optimized a workflow for creating WordPress web sites from static HTML mockups.

I then went on to work for a higher-end web design studio that specializes in giving the client a user friendly customizable WordPress website. This was a great experience to build larger scale projects and work with resources like Flywheel and GitHub in a scrum environment.

I am currently working as a front-end engineer with some back-end on premier websites for a large client. This gives me the opportunity to work with tools like Azure, New Relic and Akamai. I am also continuing to grow and expand my development skills in the React and WordPress headless space.