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Design 2 SEO is the place where I display my experience, blog and create free web development tools.

My Story

Hi I’m Jeremy, with 8 years of design and development experience working with many great clients and their website projects.

During my years of experience as a WordPress developer, I was a part of building a WordPress department for a white label web design company. The department was a huge success. After one year of progress, I grew the WordPress team to over 8 developers. I created a workflow were we could build an average of three small business WordPress sites in a day from static HTML mockups.

I then went on to work for a higher-end web design studio that specializes in giving the client a user friendly customizable WordPress website. This was a great experience to build larger scale projects and work with resources like Flywheel and GitHub in a scrum development environment.

Revival of a simple and effective design with an edge of technology. I aim to bring common, practical view points from a creative perspective.

I have been working directly with clients on full site builds and site management. This gives me the opportunity to create custom developed WordPress sites from start to finish. I also continue to explore new development stacks like Jamstack, 11ty and React.

You can see some of my projects on the portfolio page and I thank you for visiting.

Some of My Current Projects

Web Development

11ty Sitmap generator.

Netlify Functions Test Env.

Create 11ty theme.

Move client #4 to Netlify.

Re-factor SEO meta simulator.

Web Design

SEO case studies.

Analytic & SEO accreditations.

Georgia Ballet Brand Standards.

11ty boilerplate procedures doc.

Up lighthouse to 400pt.

Witt. Chamber Management.

Content Creation

Dynamic API post.

WordPress Security Post.

Transfer Old Graphic Design Posts.

Start JS from the ground up posts.