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From Creativity to Results

I’m Jeremy Faucher, a Seattle-based front-end web developer with a passion for usability.

Components with Nunjucks and 11ty

by Jeremy Faucher on Jan 25, 2023

Components are perceived by many to be the holy grail of web technologies. They definitely have there place and give us a way to create reusable features without having to duplicate code or even content. They are good forRead more...


A little about me.

I’ve been working as a web designer/developer for over 8 years and enjoy collaborating with creative partners to provide a quality product. Check out my portfolio to see companies of all types and sizes that I have helped build strong brands and websites.

As a WordPress developer I have the ability to develop custom themes as well as work with pre-made themes. I am able to develop custom PHP, JS and CSS features to create a unique user experience.

I have worked with clients to solve complex problems and my ultimate goal is to make websites more successful and easier to manage.

Recent Blog Posts

Offering my best advice, research and how-tos.

prefers reduce motion


by Jeremy Faucher on Jan 15, 2023

Having motion on a page is a powerful tool for introducing a better or more enhanced user experience. It also comes with the responsibility of not over using it, or abuse it. Many enhanced user experiences, like skewRead more...

Sticky Tabs with Scrolling Content

Loop Through CSS Animations

by Jeremy Faucher on Jan 6, 2023

CSS animations give us a quick easy way to animate things. By combining them with JavaScript it will give us the control to take the animation to a new level. For instance, because CSS animations comes with the animationendRead more...

SVG polygon shapes

Make Custom Shapes with SVG Polygon

by Jeremy Faucher on Dec 18, 2022

Make custom shapes that are responsive and work good as backgrounds with SVG's. The SVG polygon element uses x and y coordinates, so it's easy to make basic SVG shapes without software. Well you will need a code editor ofRead more...

Sticky Tabs with Scrolling Content

Control Direction with Intersection Observer

by Jeremy Faucher on Dec 11, 2022

A basic Intersection Observer function will run if the element is intersecting, regardless of the scroll direction. This works good for lazy loading images, where we can use the unobserve method to only observe the targetRead more...