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From Creativity To Results

I’m Jeremy Faucher, a Seattle-based front-end web developer with a passion for usability.

Tutorials on creative design, development and SEO using the newest tools and resources.

A little about me.

I’ve been working as a web designer/developer for over 8 years and enjoy collaborating with creative partners to provide a quality product. Check out my portfolio to see companies of all types and sizes that I have helped build strong brands and websites.

As a WordPress developer I have the ability to develop custom themes as well as work with pre-made themes. I am able to develop custom PHP, JS and CSS features to create a unique user experience.

I have worked with clients to solve complex problems and my ultimate goal is to make websites more successful and easier to manage.

Recent Blog Posts

Offering my best advice, research, how-tos, and insights.

hot pink with confetti

Build a Brand Style Guide For Your Website

by Jeremy Faucher on Apr 15, 2022

Having a brand style guide page for your website will give you and your team a place to keep up with your brand standards, in one easy to access place. It will also make it easier for your team and followers to promote Read more...

Image SEO check boxes

SEO Checklist with Progress Tracker

by Jeremy Faucher on Apr 7, 2022

This checklist can be used as a reference point for ensuring that, whether you have a new or existing site, it is on point and following the latest best-practices. This SEO checklist has been broken down into 5 main Read more...

Friendly robot with black background

Create and Optimize Robots.txt

by Jeremy Faucher on Apr 2, 2022

Search engines crawl from site to site spidering the web. As they discover content, they index the content, to be served up to user searches. If they find a robot.txt file, the crawlers will use it as instructions on how Read more...

Name of post with big 11ty type and bright blue background

Build a Blog With 11ty: Categories - Part 3

by Jeremy Faucher on Mar 28, 2022

In Base - Part 2 we built out the base.njk file adding the header and footer. Now that we have base file setup we can start adding pages, categories and posts. Video Instructions This video will walk you through this post Read more...