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Create Markdown Page Template with Shell Script

Create digital products that behave like people

by Jeremy Faucher on Jan 16, 2024

Consider what it is about your favorite websites or digital services that share a common trait. It's their human like interactions that bring us joy and give us the jelly clicks. The ability of a product or service toRead more...

Graphic Design

11ty Starter Blog theme

After years of working with WordPress, I started looking for an alternative that was lighter and easier to manage. A couple of years ago I came across 11ty and have been using it ever since.

get started with my 11ty blog theme

Create a blog with 11ty and my starter theme. It has a SEO template, uses epic-css utility-first grid and flexbox.
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  • griscus comments

    Add giscus Comments to Your Website

    by Jeremy Faucher on Aug 20, 2023

    A comments section is a good way to inhance your content and interacte with users. This should be a simple micro web experiance that is quick and easy to use. If your users typically have a GitHub account then giscus can beRead more...

  • Learn how to create markdown page template with a Shell Script

    Create Markdown Page Template With Shell Script

    by Jeremy Faucher on Aug 2, 2023

    I have been using Save As to create new web pages from old ones for my blog for some time now. This works okay, but I have to rename the file, delete out the old content, then leave some of the reusable HTML snippets likeRead more...

  • Disable Gutenberg Blocks

    Disable Gutenberg Blocks for a More Curated UI

    by Jeremy Faucher on Jul 23, 2023

    Out of the box Gutenberg comes with many different types of blocks, which is nice. Although if you are wanting a more curated editor UI, than we need to limit what is getting loaded here. Gutenberg Block Manager The firstRead more...

  • JavaScript and React

    Learn React Basics using CDN

    by Jeremy Faucher on Jun 14, 2023

    Typically we use a package called Create Reat App, to start a React project with node.js and npm. We can also use the React CDN to quickly get up and running. This is a good way to learn the React ecosystem and test outRead more...