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From Creativity to Results

I’m Jeremy Faucher, a Seattle-based front-end web developer with a passion for usability.

Add giscus Comments to Your Website

by Jeremy Faucher on Aug 20, 2023

A comments section is a good way to inhance your content and interacte with users. This should be a simple micro web experiance that is quick and easy to use. If your users typically have a GitHub account then giscus can beRead more...

Web Development

A little about me.

I’ve been working as a web designer/developer for over 8 years. This experience ensures a refined web design process that delivers results.

My focus is testing and writing about performance based web design and development using PHP, JS and CSS. I coverer all things web, from UI/UX design to front-end development, while advocating for user experience and accessibility.

I enjoy solving complex problems and making features to create unique user experiences.

Platforms I use and blog about

  • Adobe Photoshop sheld logoPhotoshop
  • HTML5 sheld logoHTML5
  • CSS3 sheld logoCSS3
  • JavaScript sheld logoJavaScript
  • 11ty sheld logo11ty
  • PHP sheld logoPHP
  • SEO sheld logoSEO

Recent blog posts

Offering my best advice, research and how-tos.

  • Create Markdown Page Template with Shell Script

    Create Markdown Page Template With Shell Script

    by Jeremy Faucher on Aug 2, 2023

    I have been using Save As to create new web pages from old ones for my blog for some time now. This works okay, but I have to rename the file, delete out the old content, then leave some of the reusable HTML snippets likeRead more...

  • Disable Gutenberg Blocks

    Disable Gutenberg Blocks for a More Curated UI

    by Jeremy Faucher on Jul 23, 2023

    Out of the box Gutenberg comes with many different types of blocks, which is nice. Although if you are wanting a more curated editor UI, than we need to limit what is getting loaded here. Gutenberg Block Manager The firstRead more...

  • JavaScript and React

    Learn React Basics using CDN

    by Jeremy Faucher on Jun 14, 2023

    Typically we use a package called Create Reat App, to start a React project with node.js and npm. We can also use the React CDN to quickly get up and running. This is a good way to learn the React ecosystem and test outRead more...

  • Add Active Class With forEach Loop

    Add Active Class with forEach Loop

    by Jeremy Faucher on May 31, 2023

    Adding a class on an event works great for making a navigation active or communicating between parts of your application. Using the JavaScript selector, forloop and event methods are what is needed to make thisRead more...