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From Creativity to Results

I’m Jeremy Faucher, a Seattle-based front-end web developer with a passion for usability.

Add Active Class with forEach Loop

by Jeremy Faucher on May 31, 2023

Adding a class on an event works great for making a navigation active or communicating between parts of your application. Using the JavaScript selector, forloop and event methods are what is needed to make thisRead more...


A little about me.

I’ve been working as a web designer/developer for over 8 years. This experience ensures a refined web design process that delivers results.

My focus is testing and writing about performance based web design and development using PHP, JS and CSS. I coverer all things web, from UI/UX design to front-end development, while advocating for user experience and accessibility.

I enjoy solving complex problems and making features to create unique user experiences.

Platforms I use and blog about

  • Adobe Photoshop sheld logoPhotoshop
  • HTML5 sheld logoHTML5
  • CSS3 sheld logoCSS3
  • JavaScript sheld logoJavaScript
  • 11ty sheld logo11ty
  • PHP sheld logoPHP
  • SEO sheld logoSEO

Recent blog posts

Offering my best advice, research and how-tos.

How not to use aria

ARIA Best Practices

by Jeremy Faucher on Feb 25, 2023

ARIA can help make interfaces more compatible with assisted software like screen readers for people that are blind, visually impaired, dyslexic and many other disabilities. It also can be used for those who want to convertRead more...

Using KPIs with Start Stop Continue

Using KPIs with Start Stop Continue

by Jeremy Faucher on Feb 9, 2023

The one thing I love about the web site space is there is an infinite amount of things to learn. For many of us this can cause shiny object syndrome. You know, where there are so many appealing options that you get caughtRead more...

prefers reduce motion

Fun Following Hover Effect

by Jeremy Faucher on Feb 3, 2023

Having layers of user interaction helps introduce content. I found a good example of this at where when you hover over key words in the heading a gif pops up and follows the cursor. It only uses the x-axis andRead more...

Using if else statements with Nunjucks

Components with Nunjucks and 11ty

by Jeremy Faucher on Jan 25, 2023

Components are perceived by many to be the holy grail of web technologies. They definitely have there place and give us a way to create reusable features without having to duplicate code or even content. They are good forRead more...